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The development and implementation of a strategy requires the integration of all areas of the company and must be transparent to all employees of the company. Success potentials and competitive advantages must be worked out and the right path must be taken at the right time.

Strategy – Overview

  • Support along the entire strategy development process - both in the alignment of the company within the company strategy or in the derivation of area strategies, such as sales, service or purchasing. 

  • Definition of vision, mission and goals as a guideline for communication with the group, customers, competitors and others.

  • Deduction of strategic options for business segments, customers, prices, employees and other criteria - as the basis for management decisions, for example on investments, services and personnel.

  • Definition of key figures (financial, customer, quality, employees ...) serves as a basis for strategic planning as well as for strategy controlling.

  • The result is a uniform strategy understanding, focused work and a continuous success measurement.

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