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Innovation Management

The sections science, development and innovation are very important for the future of all companies in today´s industrial nations. No other section in the company has such a potential - negative and positive.Successful new developments create a valuable competitive advantage. If this is not achieved, companies are more likely to loose their market-related or technological competitive edge.

The four core points of innovation management are:
innovation strategy, innovation portfolio, innovation process, innovations controlling

Requirements in Innovation Management:

Effective innovation management, from idea to market launch, requires a multitude of methodological building blocks and management tasks. The requirements for innovation management are very diverse and complex for companies.
PSG supports you holistically through many years of consulting experience in the area of innovation management and our company software PipelinePlanner.

An essential part and starting point of every innovation management is the development of an innovation strategy based on the company´s aims. The task of the innovation strategy is to estimate future developments in technology and on the market and therefore start courses of action of the own product development.

PSG has already accompanied many clients in different industrial sectors with their strategy projects. We accompany our clients from Benchmarking and small adjustments of present existing strategies to comprehensive reorientations. Therefore, we are supported by experienced consultants and a comprehensive network of specialists in numerous economic sectors..

The aim of portfolio management is to create transparency of the character of current and future projects. The focus here is to distinguish the projects between qualitative and financial criteria.

Many innovation portfolio managements were established or refined by PSG. For this purpose, we create scoring lists with regard to industrial sectors, business scheme and strategy in the workshops. Depending on the innovation process, different criteria should be considered at different points in time for the evaluation of the projects.

Result of the portfolio analysis should be the decision whether to stop, put back or continue the projects and with which intensity. This ensures the use of corporate resources only for promising and strategically wise projects.

In addition to consulting, we also offer the PipelinePlanner, software especially developed for this application.

  • When and depending on which criteria does your company decide about a use of resources in innovation projects?
  • Who decides if a project was not successful and has to be determined?
  • How can I ensure that the first use / introduction of the new products/ technologies is affected in time?
  • How can I create a positive atmosphere which generates profitable ideas?

These typical questions have to be answered by a selected innovation process.  PSG presents you the current methods like milestone planning or Phase-Gate; we adjust them to your individual requirement and support you with the installation and implementation.

In addition to consulting, we also offer the PipelinePlanner, software especially developed for this application.

  • Do we adhere to the project budget?
  • Which cash value will the project bring and which rate of interest of the utilized capital?
  • Is project success or project improvement more relevant?
  • How efficient are the resources and how can we reorganize them?

We always create a perfect controlling system no matter if you like to use a controlling based on finances, strategy or capacity, if you want to take into consideration risks and chances or if you want to install an early warning system.

In addition to consulting, we also offer the PipelinePlanner, software especially developed for this application.

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