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Digital management of the CapEx-Process with the CapExPlanner

Perfect Transparency - Maximum Flexibility - Best Data Quality

CapExPlanner – Summary

CapExPlanner is an integrated software suite, specially developed for the execution of the entire investment process

  • CapExPlanner is an integrated software suite for comprehensive and transparent investment, cash flow & budget planning
  • CapExPlanner is a solution that covers
    • all levels of a company, from the plant to corporate level
    • all planning phases, from the request up to tracking
  • CapExPlanner provides all necessary information for 
    • the approval process
    • the forecasting
    • the controlling, analysis & reporting
  • CapExPlanner can easily be
    • extended or modified by the customer after the roll-out
    • customized to the customer’s processes and requirements with a very high level of out-of-the-box functionality

CapExPlanner covers annual investment planning and budget forecast

CapExPlanner – Landscape

CapExPlanner can serve as the central source and sink for any data of the process

Different devices (PC, Notebook, Tablet, Phone) can be used to work (add, edit, …) with CapExPlanner.
Sending and receiving data sources - for individual & mass data - can vary from spreadsheets up to DBs. 

CapExPlanner – Starting from the end: What you get after the implementation

Interactive dashboard as an overview, data analysis, and as decision support

CapExPlanner – Customer & user specific landing page

For better transparency, the start page can show phases, traffic lights, grouping

All requests at a glance, by phases, by region, by budget year, by...

Landing page with active investment initatives


  • Customer specific definition of the number and the name of approval phases
  • Grouping of applications into n groups (e.g. by regions, investment years, ...) within a phase
  • An optional traffic-light-system gives an immediate status overview
  • Assignment of automatically generated investment numbers according to customer specific requirements
  • Expand and collapse individual layers
CapExPlanner – Submitting a new request

An online application form reduces the first set of questions to submit a new request with a few clicks

New project creation takes place with customer-specific forms.

Online application form


  • Customized setup of the application form(s)
  • Individual forms for different investment types can be created by the customer himself 
  • By selecting e.g. a “Company”, other variables can be pre-filtered accordingly
  • The requested information in the application form can be selected from the list of available variables 
  • Drag and drop simplifies the creation of a new form
  • Documents, pictures, … can be attached to the application
CapExPlanner – Master data is arranged in tabs for a better transparency

Data verification and data enrichment ensure, that all required info is available

A completeness check of the request by a process owner ensures high data quality.
Master data is used to steer the workflow.

Master data grouped in tabs and sections


  • After submitting the application, an administrator or investment officer will be informed by mail
  • Completion of missing data by users with appropriate rights 
  • Further specification of the application by showing new variables, e.g. people involved or a new Tab, Phase II
  • Decision variables (approve, reject, re-work, on-hold, ..) control the workflow in the further course of each phase
  • Documents can be attached almost for every variable
  • Definition of mandatory fields by the customer
  • The following types are available: 
    • Free text
    • Dropdown
    • Date field
    • User selection
    • Checkboxes (yes/no)
    • ...
CapExPlanner – Mailing and decision documentation

Documented approvals with a flexible mailing guarantee an efficient process

Mails with approval options shorten the duration of the process.
Documentation of decisions can serve as an audit trail in case of inquiries.

Mailing, comment, and documentation function


  • Information supply to all stakeholders by email (attachments like PDF-reports are possible)
  • Option for a direct response through integrated links in mails, with no need to log in to the system
  • Logging of decisions per variable over time (who changed what and when) 
  • Define voting rules to move proposals to the next stage (e.g., "3 out of 3 decision-makers must agree")
  • Showing and hiding log fields can be managed by a power user
CapExPlanner – Financial and quantitative data as additional information

Yearly, quarterly or monthly recording of actual and planned / forecasted numbers

Breakdown of budgets into periodic payments is possible. The numbers can also be imported on project or portfolio level (mass input opportunity). Scoring can be used for prioritization purposes.   

Qualitative and quantitative models 


  • Definition of detailed cost, cash flow, or return models 
  • Automatic import of actual numbers, such as actual costs, obligations, exchange rates, ... through an ERP-API or Excel for mass data input
  • Currency display in local and global values 
  • Additionally, a non-financial scoring allows rating qualitative dimensions like strategy, sustainability, ...
  • Calculation of any qualitative or quantitative key performance figures / indicators 
  • Financial and scoring models can easily be extended or modified by the customer
CapExPlanner – Editing of multi projects in an Excel like style

Parallel project processing leads to a significant reduction of the lead-time

A list of projects can be created including relevant information from master data or financial data to run analyses or to make data changes  

Multi Project Profile (MPP) allow for a very efficient data entry


  • Multiple projects can be simultaneously edited through a table-like page 
  • Any available variable can be added as a new column to a profile with a few clicks by a user
  • Creation of any number of public and private profiles 
  • Simultaneous approval of multiple projects (“Edit all” function) 
  • Color coding of columns to highlight specific values
  • The list can be grouped and sorted
  • Possibility to export the list to Excel
CapExPlanner – Data analysis

In addition to dashboards, individual tables and graphs also help to better understand the data and make corresponding decisions

Examples for additional analysis

CapExPlanner – Why choose CapExPlanner?

Key Advantages: Perfect Transparency - Maximum Flexibility - Best Data Quality

CapExPlanner addresses many topics in the planning process and offers corresponding advantages

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