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Task Force OEM Supply Chain

External shocks, new governmental regulations or quickly changing technology (e.g. Dieselgate, WLTP, electrification,…): During such disruptive shocks, the supply chain of an OEM is facing serious challenges. Sudden changes stress the well-established processes of these large corporations and could easily have a significant impact on the company’s profit.
The start signal for task forces.
Our service: We support companies within the manufacturing industry to establish and manage task forces. We conduct complex analysis where the internal standard processes show their limits. Knowing the big picture of strategic purchasing and the product development process, PSG is able to unburden your task force managers by supporting through analytics and management tools; allowing your personnel to focus on the success and effectiveness of the task force.

We extract information from data – also under exceptional circumstances

Management of demands bottlenecks may sound well in the project description as stakeholder associate control and overview.
Under real life conditions these topics are often based on a shaky foundation with plenty of assumptions and quickly change intervals. With a growing risk for supply reliability too many stakeholders shorten the reporting/monitoring intervals which works against the goal of control and overview.
We are not able to extract perfect information from an insufficient data basis. But quick data processing and the creation of transparency is one of our core competencies. PSG supports task force managers to assess and analyze this transparency; enabling them to generate and execute useful and target-oriented measures.
We have project references range from a leading premium automotive manufacturer through well-known mechanical engineering companies to traditional enterprises within the manufacturing industry.
You didn’t hear anything from our task force support? Well, we think: That’s a good sign.