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Supplier qualification

Initial situation: An OEM has an issue with one of its suppliers. Either the performance does not match the requirements, or the supplier struggles due to financial issues.

Our service: PSG holistically supports critical suppliers operationally on site by order of our client (the OEM).
We offer guidance during planning, controlling as well as shop floor and lean management.

Many different root causes – A holistic approach is required

If you have a toolbox full of hammers, every problem looks like a nail! This approach does not work for a screw. The range of root causes of your supplier’s crisis is wide and requires a holistic approach in regard to analysis and problem-solving skills.
The PSG toolbox offers a wide selection of tools:
Well-founded planning and controlling, data-analysis, pre- and recalculation, process organization, lean management, shop floor management and much more.
In addition a solid understanding of manufacturing processes such as primary shaping and forming process with aluminum die casting, aluminum sand casting, plastic die-casting, blow molding, extrusion, punching, metal deep-drawing, mechanical processing and more.

If with finance, controlling or production view – we help the supplier identifying the root causes, developing countermeasures and implementing/executing them.

Mistakes must not be made exclusively - Learning from others is legit.

Our approach is based on more than 20 years consulting experience in the automotive industry – for small to large companies, successful or insolvent.
Our clients are supplier risk manager and supply chain managers as well as purchasing board member.
In 2019 PSG was awarded for being “Best Consulting Company” in Restructuring – alongside with the awards within the areas Sales, After-Sales & CRM.