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Restructuring / Insolvency management

Restructuring & Insolvency management

PSG supports its customers in this difficult context alongside the entire escalation pattern starting from insolvency back to a healthy company. Due to long term operational experiences and numerous references, PSG is able to provide guidance in regard to strategic management, operational restructuring, turnaround and insolvency.
Within M&A projects we support the business growth (buy side) as well as consolidation (sell-side)

  • Restructuring

  • PSG supports companies to identify the available scope of action during a strategic crisis and to leverage existing potential. This includes e.g. a supply chain strategy (strategic purchasing) and a reorganization of the sales department.
  • Turnaround & Business Reorganization

  • We can stabilize companies during a profit crisis by creating transparency (financial controlling, calculations, usage variances,…) and leverage of short-time potentials (cost-down, purchasing, discounts,…). On client request PSG is able to take over the role of a CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) and lead through the operational turnaround.
  • Insolvency

  • PSG supports legal insolvency administrators in the automotive industry with a profound industry expertise and operational excellence (controlling, calculation, price negotiations, preparation of sales process). We have more than 20 years of experience in this area and finished over 10 projects successful. Also, we are in touch with responsible Risk manager of all relevant OEMs and suppliers and have a close cooperation with project partners such as auditors, M&A-consultants, banks etc. On client request PSG is able to take over operational responsibility through a interim CEO position.