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Sales and After Sales Consulting Combined

We help you in aligning your salesforce to the individual markets and to boost sales and profitability. We identify potential for optimization along all the touchpoints of the Customer Journey, from the initial contact to the Service and After Sales. We help you in developing your Sales and After Sales Strategy, within the strategic and operative planning process, with questions regarding your organization as well as in optimizing your steering and sales processes. And we are not only able to help you in Germany, but also from Argentina to Vietnam (and if you ever have the need for us in Zambia as well).


VASA Sales

Efficient Sales Consulting from Mannheim


Sales comes from “Selling” – if we just had to accept the orders, the Department should be called “Accept”.

We believe in an active sales approach – not despite of the digitalization trends, which proclaim a shift from push to pull Marketing, but because of the possibilities, that the digitalization can offer.

We help you in achieving more top line growth by identifying sales potentials – but not at all cost. We have been awarded with the Best Consulting Award “Beste Berater” in the area of Sales, After Sales & CRM, but also in Restructuring. This makes us a reliable partner not only in good times, but also in an economic crisis as we can find the right levers for optimizing your bottom line.

The foundation for our Sales Consulting has been for many years our own developed VASA Approach. VASA means Value Added Sales Approach and contains methods and tools for creating more transparency and increasing the efficiency of Sales in the B2B world.

We support you from the initial analysis to deriving the right recommendations and measures in the implementation phase. We help you with benchmarks, more than 20 years of experience, analytical knowledge and our passion.


VASA Service

VASA Service - Systematic After Sales Consulting

The Sales Department may open the door to the customer, but the Service is the key factor for a sustainable customer satisfaction as well as the profitability.

Actively using the potentials in Service – this means building up a dedicated Service Sales Team, improving the Technician Network, steering the organization based on the right KPIs in the day and age of the digitalization as well as optimizing the Spare Parts as well as Service Pricing.

While the turnover share of the Service & After Sales Department is in most cases clearly behind New Sales, it becomes a different story when we are looking at the generated profits. In Germany we like to say, that we do not just have to put the cows on the meadow, but we must milk them as well. We are supporting mid-sized and large companies in realizing their growth as well as their profit strategies in Service & After Sales.

Our After Sales Consulting is based on our own VASA Service Approach (Value Added Service Approach). Like our methodology in Sales, we have summarized the most common questions in Service & After Sales into modules. Our methodological toolbox supports in identifying the service potentials, deriving the right measures and helping you reach your targets in the implementation phase.


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