Managing complexity – the PSG PipelinePlanner

The PSG PipelinePlanner is an instrument for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of (R&D) projects, project and product portfolios and also of the entire company performance. By taking into consideration risks and threats, the PipelinePlanner yields a precise indication of cash flows and market opportunities that can be expected.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • aggregation of individual projects and project evaluations into one portfolio view, with any number of levels, projects, products etc.,
  • risk analysis and scenario development on various levels of aggregation,
  • easy and quick financial and qualitative evaluation,
  • consideration of uncertainties and alternatives through comprehensive risk analysis,
  • standardized basis for comparing projects, portfolios etc.,
  • comfortable visualization by means of various forms of diagrams and graphical representations,
  • many additional functions, e.g. project management and reporting,



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