Service & After Sales

Service & After Sales

VASA Service – The approach for an efficient Service and After Sales Management

Service & After Sales has the target to tap the full potential of sold engines and plants (products and services) and to confirm the customer’s purchase decision, to increase the customer satisfaction and therefore creating and securing long-term customer relations.

PSG advises companies in professionalizing their After Sales Management with the VASA Service approach. VASA Service is a concept in the B2B sector, which contributes sustainable increase of the customer value and profitability to the company.

This approach has been used successfully in several companies and comprises methods and tools from the following core areas:

VASA Tools support the ideal implementation of your projects as well as the achievement of objectives. They are all based on Microsoft Excel and will be adapted to customized needs. Our VASA Tools offer an efficient and easy-to-use solution, from the key indicator cockpit to the positioning tool for new technicians.

Please find further information in our VASA Service flyer and brochure. We are also at your disposal for a personal presentation of the VASA approach.

In addition to our VASA Service concept, VASA Sales supports you improving your sales and marketing activities in new businesses. Please find further information about VASA Sales in our VASA Sales brochure.